Mrs Clinton will work with Mr Spielberg
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  新城平台报道,Hillary Clinton, a controversial politician, is no stranger to watching the news, but she is no stranger to the entertainment industry. As the first female federal attendant in history, she was re-elected by a landslide after six years in office. It also ranked among the most powerful women. The reason for writing her is also simple, because she will be working with spielberg as producer of The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win The Vote. I'm here to tell you why she came to be a producer. Although she started out ahead by a clear margin, her election marriage was full of surprises. She lost, trump won. Then came the news that she was a producer after losing the election.

  The book is about female characters, but no other content of the film has been decided yet, but her participation has aroused the expectation of netizens. In the interview, she revealed that she was extremely fond of the book and hoped that she could tell her favorite story through TV series. So she made spielberg the producer of the book, and she believed spielberg could tell the story perfectly, and spielberg had been very supportive of her. She may also play a part in the play. I'm looking forward to the movie. In addition to being the producer of the book, Hillary Clinton has so far made a cameo appearance on lady secretary of state. So far, the writers and broadcast platforms of the show she worked on have not been confirmed, and she will also participate in the casting of the show. Political experts participate in the production of the drama, is not it good to look forward to it!

 Mrs Clinton

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