They have been together for two years
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  新城平台报道,Low-key is very common in the entertainment circle, the star of many private relationship is very good but I did not speak out, there are many stars more couples together as early as the beginning of may is generous to admit publicly out early, others may choose not to open or is in a period of time and then choose to tell their own fans, choose open in front of the media, whether public or not, anyway star couple themselves may consider more to make a choice. I believe everyone must know that Korean trainees are very hard and difficult to be a student. Of course, many Korean stars will know how to make a lot of good running business and establish a deep friendship when they are doing practice students. In addition, they may develop into a relationship in the future. A few days ago, another star couple in the Korean entertainment circle announced their love affairs. Kim hyuna and Kim xiao-chung, many people must also like hyuna very much. The woman said that they met when they were practicing students and became good friends in their later relationships. In music creation and other aspects, the other party helped a lot, and the two gradually developed feelings and stayed together.

  No together although both were released to you, is together very long later released, but estimated that fans will be very understanding, two people feeling is very good, two people stand together, the combination of those beautiful is very beautiful, believe that two people can also have very deep feelings, hope that two people can accompany each other, help each other to together for a long time, the fans will be blessing of two people.

 Kim hyuna and Kim xiao-chung

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