The last laugh is the best
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  新城平台报道,Believe in the beauty of a lot of fans and British fans or diffuse fan, for the American film invincible obsession with every movie and TV fans, must know to chase chase opera movies that waiting for, small make up this waiting long, even as a senior diffuse fan, obsessed with the degree of diffuse wei films and American film is very god well, basically every movie has several, a shooting time is three years on average, is also not uncommon during all kinds of small accident, for example she conceive and bear a son, and various inevitable really to chase his film about ten years time, thought of here small make up can't help but leave the tears.

  Blockbuster high-profile work friends and starred in the movie version to the news fact, this is going to return, and all things that have been discussed, and the protagonist you discussed this matter, and for one person has been reluctant to return to the show, aniston said can persuade, while fellow actor has over the years the growth of metamorphosis began, but for the return of the play is also very much looking forward to, at this point as if is ready only owe the east wind, but the film version of the play has no meaning to broadcast, the director is always busy with other films, fans are very sad, But the news said that the film will be broadcast in the second year of the summer, this news let fans excited again, but it seems that fans again released the dove, then get together with fellow actor had in drama, although trying but still without ever feeling when shooting, it seems that the films screened and cough will be unknown. Maybe it was the show that was so good that it left fans looking forward to it after one disappointment after another.


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