Mr. Ghosn was expelled from Disney
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  新城平台报道,The famous director guhn was expelled from Disney for making improper remarks years ago. His crew members have said they would like him to return to work as a director, but the Disney company has refused, and some Disney employees have even said that his words and published articles are really uncomfortable, and their company's standards are too strict to allow him to work again. In the film production, he has many bold ideas and ideas, and applies them into the film. His films have received much praise, making him a famous writer and director, and even the chairman of the film evaluation committee. Speaking of his films, he expressed his sincere hope that his works would impress audiences of all ages. Most of his film ideas are based on imagination. He is very nostalgic, and wants to integrate his childhood things into his works.

  In the end, his films are also wonderful, and he has not only won the box office and the public praise, but also won high praise. He has also responded to the dismissal, not by apologizing but by explaining. He said the comments were a joke and that they did not represent him. He then explained publicly that he understood Disney's approach. He said that his failure at work had led him to overreact, and that in retrospect he was genuinely sorry. He continues to say that these words do not represent who he is now or who he will be in the future, and that he will be responsible for what he says in the future. Although his apology was sincere, it did not change the decision he had made.


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