Pinduoduo,a fraud?
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  新城平台报道,One of China's fastest growing e-commerce platforms has applied for an initial public offering in the US, marking an impressive zero-to-unicorn rise in just three years. Pinduoduo, a group-purchase app similar to Groupon, is looking to list on NASDAQ with plans to raise as much as 1.63 billion US dollars.

  In a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, the company said it could raise its target to 1.87 billion US dollars if demand is high enough. That would value the company at between 20 and 24 billion US dollars, a significant increase on its last valuation of 15 billion US dollars in April.The users can buy goods at lower prices by launching groups with friends,family and neighbors.It aims to gather more people’s strength,and attract guests to buy better things at lower prices.The buyer’s can get great benefits and satisfaction.But ,other people never believe that it is impossible to get pennies from the heaven.Exactly, Pinduoduo has a other side.It wants us to draw on other persons to follow it.So everything has its two sides.


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