Li Yitong once a double, now the leading role
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  新城平台报道,When acting, there are some specific scenes that need actors to use a double to complete, which is the secret of entertainment circle. And many stars will have their own special doubles. Zhao Liying is very familiar with them. In recent years, Zhao Liying has developed rapidly. Not only that, Zhao Liying's marriage has made everyone pay more attention to her. And Zhao Liying, who has had a baby, has changed a lot, which makes everyone expect her next performance. But Zhao Liying also has her own double, one of which is now very famous actress Li Yitong. After the fire of the play, Li Yitong also attracted a lot of people's attention. With the continuous coming of the film, Li Yitong was recognized by many people.

  Li Yitong and Zhao Liying are similar in appearance. As Zhao Liying's former double, Li Yitong is also a very excellent actor. Now in the entertainment circle, it's also one of the best actors, but such an excellent actor will also be delayed by works that are not suitable for him. Li Yitong's feeling is that he didn't choose resources seriously. There are many works, but they are not very classic. Even now, there are many people who don't really approve of her as an actress. We can only lament that there are more resources for others, and we can be willful. In fact, Li Yitong has a very typical feature, that is, in every work, it seems to have changed a face, a variety of images, so that everyone's recognition of her is not very high. However, Li Yitong in the west can have a good development.

 Li Yitong

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