Actress variety clothes slipped,her husband's performance
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  新城平台报道,How hard is it for a wealthy daughter-in-law? I believe when talking about this problem, everyone will think of Guo Biting. To say that this pair has attracted a lot of people's attention, whether it is Xiang Zuo or Guo Biting, their popularity has not been low. The family of Xiang Zuo even exists in the entertainment industry, which makes everyone care about their family. After Guo Biting's marriage, what kind of life will he live? In fact, Guo Biting has been closely watched by everyone after she got married, and even a sentence from Xiang Tai will be discussed by everyone. I still remember Guo Biting posted a photo of herself a few days ago, and commented on Guo Biting ’s hair very cutely, but it attracted a lot of people ’s enthusiasm, saying that the grand daughter-in-law is difficult to do, and the thing that beats too much hair Guo Biting.

  This discussion is believed to make everyone tired of Guo Biting. When Guo Biting is in love with Xiang Zuo, Xiang Tai likes her so much, how can it be beaten? Guo Biting's recent performances in the show have made everyone guess about the relationship between the couple. In fact, in the variety show, Guo Biting didn't do anything excessive, just that the clothes slipped accidentally during the filming process, but after looking at Xiang Zuo, her face was a little ugly. And such a small change, but there are still many people to discuss, what Guo Biting after the marriage was restrained and bullied. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that it may not be that the wealthy daughter-in-law is not good, but it may be that a star is not so good. In fact, Guo Biting is still very good. No matter whether he is blessing or not, he is a very good person. What do you think of this?

 Guo Biting

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