Gao Yixiang finally left,the fan approach was too warm
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  新城平台报道,The most heartwarming thing about a star should be someone's encouragement and support in life, but it will still be remembered after death. In fact, in the entertainment industry, the lives of celebrities are really very hard, although there are many people that have not received the attention and income. But there are still a lot of sufferings that you ca n’t feel. The recent incident of Gao Yixiang is about to come to an end. This time Gao Yixiang is also the last and really left us. Although he has now become ashes, it still makes it difficult for everyone. forget. During this time, I believe that Gao Yixiang's relatives and fans have been immersed in deep sadness, and this matter is a very deep warning for everyone. However, the departure this time is not the end of Gao Yixiang. The works she left for everyone are still memories of everyone.

  In fact, as a fan of Gao Yixiang, he also did a lot of things during this time. The Qian Zhihe from the previous to the later letters made everyone feel bitter. As fans of Gao Yixiang, they set an example for everyone on this matter. They didn't have too many responsibilities and didn't cry too much. Instead, they used a letter model to put all their trusts and all their ideas What Gao Yixiang said was strongly expressed on this. Although he did not know whether these letters could be seen in heaven, the warmth remained in the world. However, I still hope that everyone will reduce the spread of this matter, especially those Gao Yixiang videos, to give his family a time and space to ease, so that they can live well in the future.

 Gao Yixiang

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