Zhao Liying and Her Husband Travel
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  新城平台报道,Zhao Liying, a popular star, has always been a key figure in everyone's attention. Especially after our Yingbao is married, everyone's attention to her is constantly increasing, but some people care, there is such a high concern. Although it is a good thing, it has many disadvantages. To say this bad thing, the biggest point is that there is absolutely no way to keep secrets about your private life. Especially for rumors like marriage, there is often no way to break it. After Zhao Liying got married, it seems that the anecdote has never been broken, but for this marriage, everyone is constantly changing their views. Although there are often many online news about the bad feelings of the two of them, even the divorce of two people. Outgoing, but they will often come out together to give everyone sugar.

  In the past few days, many people have met Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng to go out to play together. Zhao Liying is dressed in a pink loose dress. Feng Shaofeng looks like a casual and handsome person. The interaction between the two people is also very good. Intimate, although the two people were together, they also made their faces very strict, but there was no way to block the fans' eyes, or they recognized them at a glance. Although after the two people got married, there were a lot of rumors about their unhappy marriage, but these rumors have been stuck in the rumor stage. Everyone still hopes that they can be happy. I don’t know if the two people will travel together this time. Can't you break the rumors that those marriages are not happy?

 Zhao Liying

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