Zhang Tianai teaches cosmetics
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  新城平台报道,The makeup of the stars, but many people will talk about it as a model, especially in a popular star, a good-looking makeup will lead you to discuss for a long time. In fact, compared to these discussions, everyone really wants to know how the makeup effects of these stars are so perfect. In fact, in recent years, many stars have been constantly introducing a lot about the beauty. Knowledge of makeup. In the past few days, Zhang Tian's share has once again aroused everyone's attention. I believe that everyone familiar with Zhang Tian'ai knows that although Zhang Tian's foundation is very good, a good makeup is also a bonus for her. . Recently, Zhang Tianai sent a video on his Weibo and shared his makeup experience with everyone.

  In the video, Zhang Tian'ai is still in a state of not taking care of the makeup, and under the care of these staff members, Zhang Tianai also vacated some time to share some of his own makeup methods. Everyone knows that Zhang Tian'ai's eyes are very beautiful, but when you are in peacetime, it is difficult to draw such good-looking eyes, and Zhang Tianai's little trick to share with you is to roll the lower eyelashes together. It’s good-looking and natural. I have to say that many small methods may be known after I tried it. However, this method still makes many fans very worried. How can people with shorter eyelashes get their eyelashes rolled up? What? It seems that if you want to look good, you must have certain preconditions.

 Zhang Tianai

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