Protesting from Bruce Lee’s daughter
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  新城平台报道,After the release of Quentin's new film "The Hollywood Past" in North America, Bruce Lee's daughter Li Xiangning saw the specific presentation of Bruce Lee in the film, saying that Bruce Lee felt "very frustrated" with this version of "arrogant, bragging idiots." In this movie, Bruce Lee and the stuntman Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt) fight. Bruce Lee was badly beaten by Booth. Although the feature film has not been released in China, the notice has already shown the arrogance of this Bruce Lee.

  Li Xiangning said to foreign media that the film's presentation of Bruce Lee was not true. The reality is that in the 1960s, Asians had to work harder in Hollywood, and they had to work harder than Rick Dalton, the two protagonists of the film, Booth and Leonardo. She expressed her understanding that the film is a violent fantasy story about "what may happen to these two villain heroes" and that the film age is set in an era of discrimination and exclusion. "I understand the truth behind this movie.... I understand that they want to set Pete's role as a super-powerful character that can defeat Bruce Lee, but they don't have to use white Hollywood to treat him when he is alive." Come to present him." Li Xiangning also said that Quentin might say that this is showing how Bruce Lee was stereotyped. "But he is not like that. In the film, he is represented as an arrogant, eloquent idiot."

 Bruce Lee

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