"Swamp Monster" stops shooting
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  新城平台报道,After two delays and one stoppage, the famous alternative IP "Swamp Monster" finally ushered in the first broadcast on May 31. Now it has broadcasted 3 episodes, with an IMDb score of 8.6 and a rotten tomato freshness of 92%. This represents the audience's recognition of the DC's live-action TV series and producer Wen Ziren. Although for the sake of budget and other reasons, "Swamp Monster" was reduced to 10 episodes from the original 13 episodes after the episode was aired, and was not renewed. But the audience was angry and they slammed the decision of the producer. The audience gave high-profile praise to the "Marsh Monsters": "The dark atmosphere and suspense of the series are even amazing, and the unique aesthetics and visual tone are fully reflected. Even if only one season is broadcast, "Swamp Monster" is still a excellent work.

  The "swamp monster" is full of destiny and helplessness. While suffering, it also avoids the tracing of the people and the ulterior motives of the bad guys. Wen Ziren, who directed the "Speed and Passion 7" and "Soul of the Soul" series, once said: "We hope to show more of its Gothic shudder and romance." Many critics emphasize that "Swamp Monster" is a unique work with aesthetics and visual tone. It takes full advantage of the R-class approach of the DC universe, showing outstanding biological effects and physical fear.

 Swamp Monster

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