"New Captain America" in Tokyo
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  新城平台报道,According to Taiwan media reports, Russell Brothers, the director of the two "Captain America" and two "Avengers", after the end of the "Avenger" series, also announced a suspension of cooperation with Marvel. They will take a break to continue working. Recently, the two men checked in Tokyo and bought the "new Captain America" doll. They also said that they would give it to the Falcon. Fans who have seen The Avengers 4 should know that Captain America chose the ordinary life he wanted after returning the infinite gems, and spent the rest of his life with the woman he loved. When he returned again, he was a white-haired old man who gave the captain of the Captain America to the Falcon and passed on his mission to the other side.

  Unexpectedly, Russell Brothers recently found a "Falcon" doll with the US Captain's Shield in a holiday in Japan. They also photographed Anthony Mackie, who named "Falcon": "Mackay We must buy one for you!" The two really bought the doll, and specifically noted "complete the mission!" Russell Brothers and Marvel have cooperated for more than 6 years and directed 4 hero films, especially the last "Avengers 4: The Final Battle", which not only gained a good reputation, but also made record-breaking box office. Their fame has also been pushed to another peak, but they have previously announced that they will take a short break, saying that they need to take a short vacation.

 Captain America

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