Taylor Swift's new song
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  新城平台报道,Taylor Swift recently unveiled her efforts to achieve happiness and how she accepted the idea that there will be no happiness from now on. Taylor admits that she used to take a while for a very bad time: "I always think that there is one thing that needs attention, that is, we must know that when we call forever happy, there is no eternal happiness. Happiness is always a Struggle, it is a challenge that we must work hard to meet.” In pursuit of happiness and keeping the music industry fresh, Taylor said that when she feels too exhausted or when her mood is very mixed, she will take a break, she said: "The process of making an album has never been the same, but now I am in good shape. I feel very energetic and I am very proud of it. In fact, this is not a matter of course. For me to create new music, I always maintain a happy state."

  In the interview, Taylor was also asked why she would choose Me! as the first single released by the new album, she said: "I have written this chorus song, I know it is very special. Picking the first song for my new album is always It’s especially difficult because I’m trying to make an album that covers a wide range of music, so I’m having a hard time picking a representative single. No song has ever been able to accurately summarize what my album is about. "

 Taylor Swift

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