Kylie Jenner celebrated birthday
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  新城平台报道,Kylie Jenner sent her husband, Travis Scott, a 28-year-old birthday on social platforms on Tuesday and expressed the hope that her husband would have another child. She wrote: "You slowly become a friend, son and father from my partner, I love you, I am proud of you. I wish you a happy birthday, let us regenerate a child together." Lavis also thanked his family and friends and all the fans on social media for their good wishes on personal social media. He responded: "I have been eating ham all day, and it is great to be able to spend the day with my family and friends. I love everyone who has helped me in my life."

  It is reported that Kelly also rented a billboard in Los Angeles to send a birthday greeting to Travis, a close-up photo of Travis on the billboard, with the daughter's tone: "Dad, birthday Happiness.” There are indications that Kelly is ready to regenerate a younger brother or sister to her daughter. She also said in an interview with the magazine that she plans to have a baby in the near future. She said: "I always know that I want to be a young mother. I remember people often ask me if you are ready. I think my answer is that I always know that I am ready for everything. Before, I didn't know what kind of love and feelings were, but now I understand. My daughter's arrival has changed my life, and my life has become better. And after that, the way I see things is going to be I am very active. I feel that my real life is officially started after I have a daughter."

 Kylie Jenner

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