Netflix will buy Egyptian theater
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  新城平台报道,On April 12th, the contradiction between Netflix and the US theater has not been resolved. Now Netfair wants to buy a movie theater: they have already negotiated with the famous landmark of Los Angeles and the historic "Egyptian Theatre", which cost tens of millions of dollars. This will be Netflix's first foray into the traditional business, with the expected use of the premiere and screening of the film that will be the Netflix competition season.

  The Egyptian Theatre opened its doors in 1922 and was fully restored in 1996. It was refurbished in an old theatre with 1,700 seats to create a 600-seat art theater that combines art, technology, history and culture with its own architectural features. Since 1998, American Film Science and Technology has been responsible for the operation of the Egyptian Theatre. It has shown classic films such as "Lawrence of Arabia" and contemporary independent films as well as foreign films. It also often hosts filmmakers and filmmakers. Beyond Fest, the horror carnival night in the fall, and the Noir City festival in the spring. The deal has a lot of benefits: it gives Netflix a place to show the awards season, no need to communicate with other theaters; the Egyptian Theatre can also host many major Hollywood films in the future; it will also benefit the American Film Science Society's finances. Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix, is a board member of the Society.


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