The Chinese painting master
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  新城平台报道,He was born poor but unwilling to be mediocre, through practiced hard and became famous later. On the occasion of the national crisis, he created such immortal works as "the wounded lion" and "yu gong moved to the mountain". people must not have haughtiness, but not without pride! Forward master xu beihong! Xu Beihong was the founder of Chinese modern art and an outstanding artist and art educator. He is best known for his ink drawing depictions of horses and birds.

  After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, Xu became president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and chairman of the Chinese Artists' Association.In his life,he created thousands of paints,especially galloping horses.the master is adept in figures, animals,birds and flowers,he also emphasize the connotation of work on Chinese painting. However, he died of a stroke in 1953.After his death, his story has made into TVplay.Similarly,the traditional Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian rooted his life in traditions,but never stopped innovating and creating. Xu Beihong made a great contributions on painting.He is honored by each of us.

  Xu Beihong

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