Star-Lord's Appearance in CCA
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  新城平台报道,"Children's Choice Award" ceremony was held in Los Angeles, USA on 23rd. Chris Palat, starring in "Jurassic World 2", won the "Best Action Actor Award" last year. When he received the award, he showed that he liked the "Children's Choice Award" very much because there were many "green juices" here. He was "attacked" by these "green juices" as soon as he finished speaking. The picture is quite amusing.

  Chris Palat starred in Jurassic World 2 and Avengers Alliance 3: Infinite War last year, won the "most popular movie" award, and "Star Count" was very happy when he came to the stage to receive the award. He did not forget to say hello to his 6-year-old son Jack in front of the TV. Even if he was soaked with green juice the next second, he was as happy as ever. It's worth it to make everyone so happy. Will Smith is the guest of this awards ceremony, but also specially promotes the new film Aladdin. At the end of the performance, his whole body is covered with green juice. In fact, every time he attends the Children's Choice Award, he will be spoofed. But he always likes children, he is generous and willing to be the happy fruit of children. Actor Zacre Levy, along with two child stars Arthur Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer, also served as award presenters to promote their superhero movie Thunder Shazan. On the stage, she introduced her own movie, which had a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

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