The Influence of Champions
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  新城平台报道,The inspirational comedy "Champions" has been released for three days. The Spanish box office champion, who won the Goya Award for Best Picture in Spain, tells the audience a story about the happiness and touching of the mentally handicapped. Many viewers said after watching the film, "Basketball Champion" is a Spanish film, but the film's jokes, the reality of the problem, people can accept without obstacles. The film is just right for the mentally retarded groups to voice, face their living situation, and the true feelings of the heart, with the fermentation of good reputation, I believe that more people will pay attention to them.

  Good comedy can certainly take both jokes and practical significance into account. Basketball Champion is a phenomenal work in Spain. It has attracted the attention of the whole people to the mentally handicapped group. This time, it was released in China, which also made many audiences begin to understand this vulnerable group in depth. The film not only has endless and comfortable funny sections, but also shows the love and respect for every life. It's a different movie from the imagination. Basketball is just its shell. It encapsulates more acute problems in real life. The most terrible thing is the ignorant prejudice.


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