Kohler decided to forgive Thompson
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  新城平台报道,Earlier, NBA Cavalier Thompson's derailment was so heated that Cole Kardashian said, "I'm not shocked by the derailment of scum man" when he was betrayed again. But he did not break up with Thompson directly. According to the latest news, Kohler decided to forgive Thompson for his daughter.

  According to Hollywood Life, an insider has revealed that Kohler intends to forgive Thompson's infidelity once again for his daughter and family. "Kohler is in great pain now, but she is trying her best to maintain a positive attitude," said the person familiar with the situation. "She knows True needs a happy and healthy family, which drives Kohler to maintain her happiness with her own strength. Although Thompson's actions are unforgivable, Kohler has decided to forgive him." This time Thompson's derailment is not the first offence. Last year he was exposed to derailment. At that time, he was swept out of the house by Kohler, and later Kohler forgave him. Unexpectedly, Thompson continued to hurt Kohler, who was recently exposed to an affair with a close friend of the Kardashian family. The Kardashians are arguably the most talkative family in the United States. Their family disputes, no matter how big, can affect the hearts of the American people. The love affairs of Kadashian's daughters are talked about by American people, and the derailment problems of Kadashian's sons-in-law appear again and again.


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