Ryan Singer's Sexual Abuse Scandal
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  新城平台报道,Brian Singh has been accused of being rude to minor boys in the past. He firmly denies it, but it has affected his public image and job opportunities. Although "Rhapsody of Bohemia" only listed him as a director, in fact, he did not make a complete film. After that, the crew participated in the major film awards, and no one mentioned him in the award speech, so as not to arouse disgust, which would have a negative impact on the competition for the little golden man. Ramie Malek, the best actor in the Oscar for "Rhapsody of Bohemia" and "X-Men" series, has to respond to the growing sexual assault scandal, while Alan Bakin, a veteran sex actress, has criticized Hollywood for covering up these evils on social networking sites because of the convergence of species.

  On this sensitive issue, Lamy Malek, considered this year's strong candidate for the Oscar, said he had joined Bryan Singh only after he started preparing for his role in Rhapsody of Bohemia. He was not very familiar with each other. He knew nothing about Bryan's sexual assault and was unaware of the seriousness of it. Some netizens wrote sarcastically: "Brian has long been accused of paedophilia and raping minor boys. He had better never heard of it." Alan Barkin, who once starred in "The Passionate Executor", criticized Hollywood executives for having problems. Ivy Lanner, the owner of Red Sonja Film Company, has also been accused of sexual assault. Ivy earlier issued a statement saying that Brian's recent sexual assault complaint was not true. Red Sonja will still be paid tens of millions of dollars to direct Brian. Many netizens supported Alan Bakin's criticism.

 Ryan Singer

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