"Wonderful Woman 3" ends the series
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  新城平台报道,The sequel "Wonder Woman 1984" has been released in 2020, and Wonder Woman 3 has a clear plan. Since the first episode was set after World War I and the second episode was set in the 1980s, director Patty Jenkins assured that episode 3 was "absolutely contemporary stories", and netizens were already expecting Gail Gardo to wear fashion. "I have a very clear plan for Wonderful Woman 3," director Patty Jenkins told the media. "Whether I direct it or not, I've figured out how to end wonderful woman's story. I'm very involved in it now."

  As for the time point of the story of Wonderful Woman 3, director Patty Jenkins hinted to the media that we should go to the future. "This is one of the things we've been discussing recently. I'm not going to put it in the past anymore, because where else can we put it? Time must go forward. This is absolutely a contemporary story. This is all I can say at present. As for when and which story I want to tell, I can't be sure. In fact, Gail Gardo's Wonderful Woman first appeared in Batman to Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and later appeared in Justice Alliance in 2017. It's really suitable to bring back the story time of his personal film series Wonderful Woman 3 to modern times. It's also convenient to connect DC's stories of expanding the universe. Maybe Batman and Sea King can join the show again.

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