Rita's new romance has been exposed
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  新城平台报道,Rita Ora and Andrew Garfiled, two famous British singers, were photographed on Sunday (December 23) traveling to the mountains of London. Before that, neither of them had spoken in detail about their feelings to the outside world. But after the photos were released, their relationship was finally confirmed.

  Garfield, 35, and Ola, 28, were traveling before Christmas to make people guess that they had definitely become lovers because they were hugged tightly while shopping in the photographs they were photographed. On that day, Ola wore an oversized coat with a black hat and matching boots, while Garfield wore a long brown coat with a baseball cap. Speaking about their love history, Garfield was exposed to date Emma Stone from 2011 to 2015, the latest date being photographed while playing with actress Susie Abromeit in Spain. Meanwhile, Ola just broke up with her boyfriend Andrew Watt this autumn. She dated Rob Kardashian, Calvin Harris and Travis Barker. European and American stars often change their partners, which is not the same as conservative East Asian stars. For Chinese stars, a love affair should be kept secret from the public. Although we don't know what to hide in a relationship, they just do it. Maybe it's worried that fans don't like them.


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