Demi Lovato lashed out at rumors
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  新城平台报道,Demi Lovato posted pictures of her and her family on personal social media during Christmas, and her dog was also intimately surrounded by her. In addition, Demi shared a video in which Demi, her sister and her mother's stepfather jointly unpacked the Christmas gift wrapping, and she was very happy about it.

  Last Saturday, Demi also shared with us her story of abstinence and clarified the rumors outside. She wrote on her personal social media: "I love my fans, but I hate the so-called gossip. Please don't believe what you read. People always make up something to tell a story. It's disgusting. People in the world need to know what they want. I'm glad that I'm alive, and I'm grateful that I'm still alive. "I still need time and space to heal myself," she added later. At present, Demi is working hard to recover, which is also a positive signal she wants to convey to her fans. She is very happy and thanks fans for their support as always. We know that stars are always confronted with various rumors, and some stars even suffer from depression because of rumors. For some media, fabricating these rumors meets the needs of gossip fans, but it has nothing to do with the facts. Stars also have their own personality. They don't want their lives to be fabricated by others.

 Demi Lovato

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