No plastic straws
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  新城平台报道,If you heard about the campaign that Starbucks, MacDonald’s, Marriott and Seattle banning plastic straws, you might also know that the US consumes averagely 500 million straws every day. The figure appeared in many stories on CNN, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal was based on a research conducted by a nine years old boy, Milo Cress, in 2011. It is extremely hard to find out the accurate number of how many straws are used every day, but the statistic has been proved durable and shaped the national debate on straws. Americans use 500 million straws is an estimate about the range of more rigorous studies.A large number of individuals appeal for protecting environment.

  No plastic straws means no pollution.The environment around the world is very dirty and disordered, many people would rather stay in the countryside than in a city. Because the air in a village is fresh.In life, for instance,disposable plastic bag and chopsticks and so on.The earth is our home on which we always depend .As a citizen of 21 century,it’s our duty to take part in organization,and make a little contribution to the purification of our environment.

 plastic straws

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