Norman Reedus showed his daughter
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  新城平台报道,Norman Reedus, a famous actor for his role as "Muggle" in "Walking Dead", recently released his new daughter's photo on the social media for the first time in celebration of Christmas and thanked him for all his care.

  Redus, 49, and her girlfriend Diane Kruger welcomed their first child, a lovely little princess, in November. In this first photo of her daughter, Du Ruisi also wrote, "I want to thank many people this year, but this is a very special one," and accompanied by a picture of himself and his daughter holding hands. He also said, "I love you, Diane, Migus, Helena. We are a happy family." Diane is his girlfriend, Helena Christensen is his ex-wife, and Migus is his 19-year-old son from his ex-wife. But he hasn't disclosed his little daughter's name yet. Just two weeks ago, Riddles'girlfriend Diane Kruger was interviewed about how she felt when she was a mother: "My daughter is still young, but I'm very tired now, and I feel like a superman now. Being a mother is a very enjoyable thing, and I am very relaxed with my daughter. If she wants to dye her hair, I will be unified. I wish I had the same treatment when I was a child.” Redus and Kruger met and fell in love when they filmed Sky in 2015, and it wasn't until March 2017 that they confirmed their relationship in public.

 Norman Reedus

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