Chris Pratt has been divorced
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  新城平台报道,Chris Pratt filed for divorce in court at the end of 2017 and ended his eight-year marriage with Anna Faris. The couple did not sign a divorce until early November and formally resumed their singles. Now they both have a new love affair, and Chris Pratt's new girlfriend is Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of the Singer Arnold Schwarzenegger. Recently, news has come out that he intends to propose to Kathleen and get married again.

  Six months after announcing his divorce, Chris Palat was seen dating with Arnold Schwarzenegger's eldest daughter, Kathleen, and then he was very generous in his love, sometimes flashing in the street. Kathleen also gets along very well with his 5-year-old son, Jack, who has been photographed traveling with them and seems to enjoy it very much. According to the media "Us Weekly", the couple's relationship is progressing rapidly. Chris Palat has also met Kathleen's family, and they even participated in each other's family reunions many times. Recently, it has been reported that he intends to propose to Kathleen around Thanksgiving Day on the 22nd. Sources pointed out that although the time between the two was not long, but Chris Palat was very involved in this relationship, and even in order to have more time to get along with his girlfriend. It is clear that Kathleen occupied a very important position in his heart. Anna Faris, her ex-wife, has a new love. He is a photographer. The couple, who used to be admired by everyone, are developing their relationship in the second spring, but they are still friends who care about each other.

 Chris Pratt

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