Leonardo twice ignored Saul
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  新城平台报道,Marvel superheroes have swept the world box office for many years, but it does not means that everyone knows the protagonists. Chris Hansworth, who was elected as "the sexiest man in the world", was ignored twice by Leonardo in a week. He was ignored when he wanted to get to know him.

  Chris Hansworth, an Australia actor, has made great progress in his popularity since the release of Thor and Avenger Alliance series. However, his many-year fitness coach and friend Luke have made a fuss. A few years ago, Chris went to Tokyo with him to promote Thor 2: Dark World. Leonardo happened to be suspected of Wall Street as well. The Wolf made a scene when they happened to meet each other at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tokyo. Luke described Leonardo as surrounded by about 10 people, and Chris immediately seized the opportunity to go forward, but could only stop Leonardo's PR: "Please contact him, I want to have a beer with him." However, Leonardo did not respond at all. He did not respond at all,and regarded him as air. More embarrassingly, two days later, Chris Hansworth saw Leonardo again in the hotel lobby. This time, with up to 15 people, he waved at Leonardo immediately. Luke turned around to see how it turned out. Leonardo walked straight past Chris and ignored him completely. Luke turned to Chris and said, "Now it's really good." Chris can only admit, "Oh my God, it's amazing."


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