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  新城平台报道,Khloe Kardashian and her husband, NBA star Thompson, exposed pictures of the family celebrating Halloween. Despite their busy schedules, the couple spent as much time as possible with their daughters on this horrible festival. In the picture, Thompson holds his daughter in a pink flamingo costume, while Kadashian snuggles beside him. The family looks very happy. In another picture, Thompson directly lifted his daughter over his head. Kadashian prepared many costumes for her daughter on Halloween, ranging from unicorns to tigers to pink flamingos, and she had previously indicated that she could not decide which costume to wear for her daughter on Halloween.

  Not long ago, there were rumors that there was a crack in the marriage between Kardashian and Thompson. Kadashian's Halloween photo of a happy family seems to echo the rumor that there is no marital discord. In addition, he also returned to Cleveland earlier this week to watch her husband's match. It also helped to break the rumors that their marriage had been in crisis. Kardashian cheered her husband heartily on the court and reached an agreement with the fans. One Fan said that Kadashian had always been supportive of Thompson during the game and looked very happy. The Kadashian family's lace news is always entertaining American life, and people seem to have been accustomed to their family's gossip. As for Kardashian's risk marriage, there is still no longer important. The important thing is that Kardashian once again appeared in entertainment news, didn't she?

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