Ivan MacGregor joined the "Raptor squad"
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  新城平台报道,On November 2nd, Ivan MacGregor announced that he was joining the DC superhero new movie "Raptor squad". This movie takes the heroine team of Gotham as the protagonist.He will play the big villain of the movie, black mask. There have been reports that Warner is keen to sign McGregor, and the two sides have recently collaborated on a sequel to Flash. The cartoon in black mask formerly known as Roman Sinnis, Bruce Wayne's classmate, is the brother of Gotham City the son of rich. He killed his parents to inherit the family business, but his business ability was so poor that the company faced bankruptcy and was bought by Wayne Group. Roman decided to retaliate, using the ebony on his parents'coffins to create a black mask, and began to lead the famous gangster "Fake Face Association". Black Mask's close combat skills are strong, and his strength, endurance, speed are in a super high state. He can also control the mind, is a sharpshooter and camouflage master.

  "Raptor Team" is directed by Yan Yuxi, a Chinese-American female director. The main selected roles are confirmed. Margot Robbie returned to play the little ugly girl. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (ice blood storm, clover Road 10) plays the role of female hunters. Juni Smollett-Bell (Underground Railway) plays the Black Canary, while Rosie Perez (Law and Order, Perfect Tone 2) plays Detective Renee Montoya. It is expected to be filmed early next year and will be released in North America in February 7, 2020.

Ivan MacGregor

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