Bangtan Boys renew the contract
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  新城平台报道,BIG HIT Entertainment today sent e-mails to employees and shareholders announcing the renewal of its contract with Bangtan Boys. BIG HIT Entertainment said in an e-mail that although the agreement between Bangtan Boys and BIG HIT Entertainment is more than a year away, the company and Bangtan Boys have signed another seven-year renewal agreement based on deep mutual trust. Seven members of Korean idol group Bangtan Boys have signed a seven-year renewal agreement with brokerage BIG HIT Entertainment.

  The person in charge of BIG HIT Entertainment said that the company's business philosophy is to make the best performers enjoy the best treatment. The company will invest more capital and resources in the future, and increase the manpower of the Bangtan Boys special team. This can further and more fully support Bangtan Boys's performing arts activities. Members of the Bangtan Boys said they had been guided by the BIG HIT Entertainment Company to look forward to the future, to broaden their perspective on music and the world. They respected Fang Shih-h's representatives and were therefore pleased to renew their contract with BIG HIT Entertainment Company and believed that with the support of the BIG HIT Entertainment Company, they would be able to extend their contract to the whole world in the future. Fans of the community will surely be able to see better Bangtan Boys. Although Bangtan Boys is a Korean idol group, they are very influential in Europe and America. Under such circumstances, it is reasonable for the company to renew their contract with them.

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