Jet Li starred in Mulan for his daughter
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  新城平台报道,The Disney live-action movie Flower Mulan, starring Liu Yifei, is currently being filmed. Cass has announced that Jet Li has also been confirmed as the "emperor" in addition to Donnie Yen and Gong Li. However, he recently revealed in an interview that he had no intention of taking the film, but was persuaded by his daughter before yielding and decided to play for his two daughters.

  On the talk show recently, Jet Li talked about Hollywood movies he had participated in for many years. He revealed that he had picked up Mulan because of his 15 year old daughter. In fact, he never thought about receiving it at first, even if it was a good play, or the other side gave a good pay. But his daughter said to him, "do you lack money?" She thought Li was disgusted with low pay, and He said no. Then she asked, 'Why don't you answer a company, especially a company like Disney, that shoots Chinese culture?" Li was asked to be stunned. After that, the two daughters together said, "Can you take this movie for us?" This is the first time that Jet Li has heard his daughter make such a request, so he agreed without hesitation. Lu Yu, the host, could not help laughing, saying, "Disney need to thank your daughter!" Jet Li did not hesitate to express his approval. He could not hide his full pride in his two daughters, rarely showing his father's loving. Netizens enthusiastically discussed, "Jet Li is so fond of his daughter that his daughter must be very happy."

 Jet Li

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