Yamashi hopes to collaborate with Jackie
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  新城平台报道,A recent film about the fight over cyber security has drawn people's attention. It tells the story of a programmer who is keen on cyber security and the secret actors who are behind it, and then a series of thrilling things happen to maintain global cyber security. This film is "three beauties in a play", with extremely high level of appearance, and friends who like hisuo yamashita don't want to miss this film. This is his first time to be in a Chinese film, and also his first time to play a villain in the film. News for a long time ago joined a Japanese firm, as a singer and actor in both has a good result, has always been loved by fans, after the official debut in "proposal" against "and so on for known film, for seven years before solo activity, news in the path of interpretation results, won the best new artist issue and the issue of the best actor award, both strength and appearance.

  Friends who like yamashita long know the name of "shan p", but there are several theories about the origin of the nickname. Each statement is very interesting. Netizens who want to know can search on the Internet. I believe you will be lovable for the reason. If you have, you can communicate with the editor. Mountain long wisdom revealed in the interview, you learning Chinese also met with some difficulties, the location in hangzhou, sure mountain with the two other starring together tasting the local delicacies, in the case of taste, to keep figure, in order to play this role, he also has carried on the weight loss slimming ten catties must also is very not easy, he likes his villain, said he liked breakthrough, hope will be able to show to the audience a different side of themselves, but he also said the inside of the stars of the Chinese like Jackie chan very much, hope in the future can have the opportunity to to play with him.



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