AA retirement with mother in the same box
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  新城平台报道,Well-known d secret angel AA formally announced last year pulled out of the dimension shows, as a dimension of temperature-pressure field model, no one can and AA aura, a lot of people are wondering AA exit d the real reason, but in small make up point of view, the cause of AA exit is just want to spend more time with children in the home, but exactly how, also is only a small make up personal guess. As is known to all, a pair of sons and daughters of AA are from an ex-fiance. After breaking up with her ex-fiance, everyone is worried about AA. They think how this young girl can shoulder the responsibilities, so they cannot help to fight for AA. However, after seeing the state of AA gradually getting better and combining with the recent state of AA, netizens said their worries were unnecessary. With a son and a daughter, AA looked completely free of any burden and was as shining as ever.

  Just a few days ago, netizens also unexpectedly found out that AA and her children went out for a visit. They not only felt very warm when they saw this scene of a big family getting along well with a small family. Of course, some people have posted photos of their peers on the Internet. The AA in the photo has already lost its youthful tenacity, showing a faint maturity in the face, and the youngest daughter has grown a lot longer than when she was a child. This lets many net friends all look forward to this "little AA" to grow up appearance, in succession praise a way: have what kind of mother have what kind of daughter. However, some netizens expressed their love for their youngest son. AA had been interacting with her all the time, completely leaving her son behind. However, the photo belongs to the photo. I believe that AA is very sorry for this little boy. After all, he is so lovely.


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