low and unfair salary
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  新城平台报道,In recent days, a local government in China recently apologized and responded after a controversial job posting on its website provoked an online debate about income-education mismatches in China. The ad, posted by the local government in Shenmu County, Yulin City in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, claimed to look for master degree holders to fill a number of entry-level positions for social service work and drew a myriad of criticism online. It offered its prospective postgraduate employees a monthly salary of 2,500 yuan per month (369.25 US dollars), a salary far lower than the estimated average income level for postgraduates across China, which is said to be 8,000 yuan (1,182 US dollars). In response, the government employer expressed regret for not fully listing the conditions and requirements for applicants in the original job posting.

  In this much severe situation and employment pressures, the undergraduate and the postgraduate are failing to find a suitable and satisfied job. The reason has a lot of,but the only thing we can do is do our best to work hard.In me the tiger sniffs the rose.

 low salary

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